Drumming in Schools

Drumming has become so popular in many Australian communities and is now being introduced into the school system with great success and enthusiasm.

What does Drumbala offer the  school children?                               


* 10 Week Drumming Course

The children learn drumming techniques and rhythm structures on a djembe drum in a fun and easy way. We supply the drums but a layby system to purchase a drum at a discount price is available during the course.  At the end of the course we organise (if possible) for the children to have the opportunity to perform for the school.


*  Drum Play Shops

This is a mini workshop for personal development and confidence building in a fun and dynamic way where each class experiences creative expression with drumming and games.


*  School Fetes , Talent Shows and Special Events

We will always be there to encourage and support the children participating in the drumming course at school to perform at events that their school may organise.


*  Other Opportunities

Drumbala is involved in many community events during the year and it is with great joy that we invite drumming students from all schools to come together and "put on a show"!

10 Week Drumming Course

We introduce ourselves to the school children, teachers and parents by arranging to come to the school assembly or a  P & C meeting with a few of our Drumbala students and perform a 5-10 minute show incorporating some of the rhythms that will be taught to the children. In this way, we found all could experience the drumming and meet Warren and Katy. From this event, notes are sent home with information about the lessons, cost etc and the children can return them to the school with their interest in attending the course. It is ideal if this event and time for the notes to be returned can be at least 3 weeks before the beginning of lessons as this gives Drumbala time to organise drums and all the necessary paperwork.



Our courses are initially for 10 weeks but have found they are extended due to the enthusiasm and passion of the students, teachers and even parents. On completion of our courses (which have been extended to the last term of school) the children perform at the school concert and other special events during the year.  We are happy to comply with the schools desires.


Lessons are conducted each week for the duration of 1 hour. They can be held before school, during school hours or after school.


What age group and how many in a class?

In primary schools we have found children aged 8 years and up (Grade 3 and up) can work well together as far as attention span, reading and counting rhythms and their general capabilities of understanding drumming techniques.


15 children or more is a good number for a "benefits all round" class. A djembe drum is a fun and simple instrument to learn as an individual but there is more to gain and experience when there is a group of children learning together. As pointed out in the Benefits of Drumming, each child learns to work and play together as a team especially when there are multiple rhythms being played at the same time - it takes a certain amount of attention and awareness - and when there are many drums playing together, everyone feels the dynamic power of the sound and vibration of the drum leaving them feeling very uplifted and joyful. 


The Djembe Drums


The Djembe (African) hand drum is a percussion instrument that is played in many cultures around the world for different reasons from celebration of events to communication between communities and has become very popular here in the western world.  In The Djembe Drums section you will find infomation about the djembe drums that we use and have for layby or purchase for the primary school children.

We supply all the drums and percussion instruments for the lessons.


A child can layby a new drum at the beginning of the 10 week course or any time during the course. The layby drums are usually stored at the school (if possible) and the child uses their layby drum each lesson. A drum can be paid off completely any time during the course in which case they can take it home and bring it to class each week.


If a child already owns a djembe drum they are welcome to bring it to class.

The first lesson covers the history of the djembe drum and how it is made (all the parts), care of the drum, techniques and hand placements on the drum to achieve the different sounds, counting beats and basic rhythms. The children need a display folder as information sheets and rhythm sheets are given out weekly. The lessons continue each week introducing new rhythms, drumming games incorporating playing the rhythms for fun learning, offering opportunities for creative expression, directional instruction and an "all in jam” which allows the children “just to let loose and express”.  Most of all we encourage the children to have fun playing the drum.

The Djembe Drums

The drums we use are authentic djembe drums that have been imported from Indonesia. They are what is called 10inch drums (the circumference of the top of the drum (head) is 26cm and stand 50cm tall), a perfect size for a primary school child and beginner adults. The shell (drum body) is made of wood (mahogany) and vary from being hand carved or plain.The skin (head or top of drum) is made from goat skin or Fibreskyn.  We have set a very high standard in the quality of the drums that we offer for purchase as well as for our own use. 

We offer the children a layby system whereby they can pay off a drum over a 10 week period.  A child will be able use this drum for many years. We have constructed an Options and Cost sheet which we offer to schools interested in participating in drumming courses.

Drum Play Shops

This is an opportunity for all individual classes with their teachers to experience the djembe drums, conga drums and hand percussion in a fusion of drumming, dancing, chanting and games.

We can construct a play shop that suits your school.The children will have a chance to learn to play some basic rhythms with all the instruments, participate in rhythmic games which encourages interactive learning and have lots of fun dancing with  tambourines and other hand percussion. Once again, a play shop such as this allows the children to freely express and enjoy music leaving them feeling uplifted and joyful. Teachers will have a great time !!! 

We facilitate the Play Shop and supply all drums and percussion.


Further Drumming Opportunities

Drumbala, our Performance Group is often requested to perform or facilitate "community drum circlesat many of the communities events and functions during the year and these are opportunities for the children attending the school drumming courses to come together and perform also, as Bala Kids.

The community drum circles are open to all adults and children to participate and have fun with a drum. A notification of all events will be announced to the children, advertised in school newsletters and sent via email. All you need to do is bring your drum and chair and join in the fun – if you don’t have a drum we will have one for you to use. Most of these events are free and open to all ages. 

Regular Drumming Opportunities

Kids Holiday Drumming Programs - check Events Calendar

School Fetes

Drumming Birthday Parties - facilitated by Drumbala

Community Drum Circles - check Events Calendar


Regular Events for Bala Kids

Australia Day Celebrations - Woy Woy

Relay for Life - Woy Woy -

Brisbane Waters Oyster Festival - Ettalong Beach

Drumbala Student Performance Day (held 4 times a year) - Umina Beach

2GO Kids Day Out

Putt Putt Regatta - Davistown

Benefits of Drumming

Any one can play a drum. If you can clap your hands, tap your feet, count, you can play a drum and there is no need to be able to read music.

There are many benefits that are achieved by playing a drum and emerge quite subtly: 




            *Right and left hand co-ordination 


            *Balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain  

              developing motor skills


            *Develops hand and eye co-ordination 


          *Anger and frustration release


            *Offers constructive instruction which encourages  focus, discipline and ability

              to follow directions


            *Encourages creative expression and flow of natural rhythm                                                                                                         

            *Builds self confidence and self esteem


            *Teamwork (awareness and support in playing together as a group)


            *Uplifting and dynamic fun 


            *Enhances wellbeing, joy and happiness







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